Give a Little

24 Apr

I’ve left college to come home. One of the saddest weeks I’ve experienced! I keep reliving the last days and thinking I took those for granted. I’ve met the greatest people, and every single one of them has changed my life. I’m not kidding. Who knew there were so many great people! Especially at the immature ages of 19 and 20. But they all know that I love them, and if they don’t…well now you do ūüôā Now I’m home to find more people to love and start friendships with.

Today I spent all day with Meredith. She’s one of the most energized and talkative people I’ve met! Never a dull moment. As we went to the coffee shop to get our sandwiches, she supported me as I looked ridiculous because I had no idea what the cashier said. Aside from his accent, he mumbled a little too much…Meredith didn’t translate for me, she laughed at me. That’s what a true friend is for. She then sat on my bed as I unpacked for a good 3 hours, telling me all about her men. She’s quite popular with the boys, and she knows how to keep them on their feet. (I’m taking notes). Afterwards we drove Annie to ballet, driving Annie crazy, because at this point we were both hyper and we wouldn’t shut up. The drive home we tried listening to some rap, which the rap Texas plays is totally different than regular rap, and we decided we were the whitest girls. As we went to pick Annie up, we decided to call the radio station and request only the greatest song “Call Me Maybe”…and they answered! Meredith had a great 3 minute conversation with the dj and that was it. 5 minutes later they played the conversation on the radio. We were freaking out…it was so great! Ah how the little things excite us so much!

Tomorrow I have a job interview or two and then it’s back to play date with Meredith. We are such great friends already, but she’s leaving me in 2 weeks to go to Provo. So here is my plea. My plea for her to stay until August. Even though I know there is no possibility, it’s worth a shot.

This summer isn’t going to suck. It’s going to be great, but you have to find those people in your life to get you through it. It’s ok to be dependent on others in times like these. When you’re away from your best friends, you can make new friends, but no one can replace another. It makes your heart grow a little more with each person introduced into your life. And I’m just now realizing this after plenty of moves. It doesn’t get easier, but it’s worth the awkwardness and the timid times. Sooner or later you’ll have new friends that can handle that weird¬†quirkiness.



Tell Me Don’t Give UP. Tell Me There’s Someone Out There.

2 Apr

This semester is almost over and it has flown by so fast! Though I won’t complain about last semester, this semester was by far my most favorite. I met so many interesting and fun people! The list could go on and on. But what makes each of these people important, is the effect that they have had in my life. Whether it’s a small life lesson, a crush, someone I’m interested in, or just new friends, they have given me so many great memories.

The way that they have been such a blessing in my life is different than those that I have met while moving. When I was moving, while growing up, it was important to make friends. They kept me happy, and I depended a lot on them. They made each move a little easier. And then once I moved, I didn’t really keep in contact with them. I was okay with that, because I knew I would make new friends wherever I moved. I liked to think of them as “temporary friends” and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that in any way. As much as I wanted to live the typical high school life that I saw on t.v., I knew that it wasn’t possible, and after a lot of inner conflict with myself about it, I finally accepted it. Now the people that I have met here in college… I feel as if I’ve known some of them my whole life. They are so important to me and I’m thankful for every one of them.

I’ve learned that I can’t depend on them for my own happiness, I have to find that within myself. And I feel like I’ve accomplished that. I haven’t been this happy in almost a year. I had to let my walls down with some and force myself to relax, and once I did, those happened to be one of the most memorable. So many people have brought me happiness as well, and I feel like I owe them something that is as special to them as they are to me. I’ve realized the importance of friendships and going through the motions.

I have fallen in love with life and it’s the greatest feeling one could have. Everything that goes on is just so miraculous and beautiful. Everyone has their story and they experience a whole different life than you and I do. That’s what’s so neat. And for one to share their story and become a part of my life, is honestly the greatest honor.



8 Mar

One day I needed to find the Accessibility Learning Center room. All I knew was that I was going to take a test on testing anxiety and it was found in the Disability Room. I was completely clueless as to where this place could be located. So I decided I would go to the front desk of the building and ask the front desk receptionist where this room could be located. As I walked up, I thought of the question I was going to ask and I felt very confident in the wording.

“Hi, I’m trying to find the Disability room.”

The receptionist gives me a weird I ask again.

“Ya, I know, all I know is that I’m supposed to go take a test in the Disability Room.”

She replies, “Oh ok! I know where that is. You’re going to go to the Cafeteria and go behind Subway. Behind there you will find a hallway. Walk down that until you get the first hallway on your right. You will go to the end of that hallway and it will will be the last door on your left.”

I do exactly as she says and when I round the corner I find myself looking at the “Disability Restroom”

Thank you for sending me to the disability restroom, that’s exactly what I needed. (:

Let’s State the Flaws

12 Feb

Dating in college has really been interesting. I think I’ve had more weird dates in these first two semesters than people have in their lifetime. Because I never dated growing up, this whole thing has been one of the weirder/ extraordinary experiences. I’ve met so many characters, I wish I could write a book on each of them. Well that sounded creepy…so I’ll go with I wish I could write a book on each date that I’ve been on.

Some girls have found their better half this year already, and I’m happy for them. That’s great! But I’ve come to realize that I’m figuring out what I want before I can look for that special someone. Last semester I was all about having a guy in my life, and wanting a boyfriend. I wasn’t ready for that in any way. This semester I’ve come to realize that at this point in my life, serious anything just blows. Let me tell you how to figure out what you want with a guy.

Here is my guide to figuring out if he is good for you or not.

Step 1: Start off with a cute/ catchy introduction. Nothing like “Hi, I’m Lexi.” But something more like “Ay! I’m Lexi, but you can just call me Sexy Lexi.” Classy? Nope…but if they laugh, that’s progress.

Step 2: Exchange numbers or do some major Facebook creeping. I personally find the Facebook creeping has been more helpful…I’ve never exchanged my number in person before. (Kidding…but seriously…) Plus Facebook tells you everything you need to know…if you find the guy is in a civil union with his roommate..that’s not cute, it’s weird. So dump that boy’s butt before he can dump yours, even if y’all haven’t gone on a first date.

Step 3: THE MOST IMPORTANT!! Once you get in the car and you are on your way to the first date destination, state everything that is wrong with you. Tell him all your nasty habits, your weird corks, all the bad reputations you’ve had. Trust me, it saves a lot of time. BE SURE TO SAY ALL THE WRONG THINGS!!

After these crucial first 3 steps there are a few options: 1. If he stays with you, don’t think he is a keeper…he’ll keep you around ¬†until he finds better. 2. If he flips the car around and takes you straight back, then you realize he wasn’t the one for you. You’re better off without him.

This step by step will get you far. I don’t¬†guarantee happiness Remember that through it all, a good person can take a lot of hits from heartaches and heartbreaks. It builds you as a person.¬†¬†So here is a shout out to all you lovely ladies that don’t have a boyfriend, consider yourself lucky. You are the happiest that you’ll be!

God’s Message

8 Feb

One night as I was reflecting on everything I found myself in tears. I had no reason to be sad, but the feeling of insecurities, loneliness, and regret filled my heart. I didn’t know who to turn to, because ¬†no one would understand what I meant. I didn’t have a reason for these feelings, they just overcame me. I turned to the only person I knew would listen, knowing exactly what to do. I turned to God. I told him what I felt like I needed; comfort. It wasn’t a hug, or words that I asked for, it was just the feeling of comfort. I fell asleep to the lyrics of a song that happened to be on:

Don’t give up

It’s just the weight of the world

When your heart’s heavy
I…I will lift it for youDon’t give up
Because you want to be heard
If silence keeps you
I…I will break it for you

Everybody wants to be understood
Well I can hear you
Everybody wants to be loved
Don’t give up
Because you are loved

Don’t give up
It’s just the hurt that you hide
When you’re lost inside
I…I will be there to find you

Don’t give up
Because you want to burn bright
If darkness blinds you
I…I will shine to guide you

Everybody wants to be understood
Well I can hear you
Everybody wants to be loved
Don’t give up
Because you are loved

You are loved
Don’t give up
It’s just the weight of the world
Don’t give up
Every one needs to be heard
You are loved

I knew those words could bring comfort and strength, which they did, but there was a part of me that still felt helpless. When I awoke the next morning I had a text from a dear friend. We hadn’t talked in a week and it was just random. I realized that he was leaving for his mission and that was the last message he would send me. It read:
‚̧ Don’t forget you’re amazing.
I knew that God had answered my heart’s cry. I know that he looks out for each and everyone of us. It was a message from my friend, but I believe it was also from my Father in Heaven. He loves each and everyone of us. We must never forget that. We must always remember that through everything, God is there for us, when we feel like no one else is. He loves us. He works in the most mysterious ways, but that’s the¬†confirmation¬†of his love for his children.

Life afterwards…

3 Feb

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Orange Ya Glad…

2 Feb

It was my first night to hang out with Natasha, an old friend from way back when. We had plans to go to Sammys and she then invited me to go tanning with her. Of course I wasn’t going to pass up that opportunity…I’m a girl, I need some color. But I couldn’t do this without my dear friend Keaton. Keaton is a Haitian, dark skinned, tennis player. He is like a little brother and I need him there for moral support, like I am there for him at his matches. When we arrived at the tanning salon, we got there right as it was closing. Because we had coupons that expired that day, they let us stay anyway. Oh and did I mention it was a spray tan?

The woman was getting us set up when she turned to us and asked “so is it all three of you guys getting a spra….ohhhh. Nevermind…” We all just laughed because we all knew that she realized she was asking Keaton if he wanted a spray tan. After Natasha had her tan done, it was my turn. Both of the girls working agreed that I should get the medium, so it would be noticeable. I don’t think they realized I was as white as I was. I’m like a¬†porcelain doll…is that not obvious?¬† I had never done this before in my life, and I had no idea what to expect. The uncomfortableness from the small machine and the toxic fumes was not something I’d like to never experience again. After I got out I expected immediate results. They then informed me in ten hours that my ¬†tan would show up. They reminded me multiple times “do NOT shower until your 24 hour wait is up.” So I was set to go with my invisible tan!

When I awoke this morning I hopped out of bed to check out my new tan. There I was…sleepy eyed and orange. I flipped on the light to get a better look…yep, the orange was definitely there. I had no idea what to do! So despite what the girls at the tanning salon said, because their judgements didn’t seem to be reliable, ¬†I hopped in the shower and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. I think I did a pretty darn good job, because I no longer look as orange, but I definitely have an orange tint.

I have learned my lesson. Spray tans are not for this gal. I also learned that beauty shouldn’t be considered something you get from a machine. Beauty is where your heart lies. And my heart definitely doesn’t lie at a tanning salon….or a spray tan machine for that matter…