A “Yokey” Start

25 Jun

Aunt Janna asked Chanel and I to bring some eggs to the Inn. Now this is a simple task but the “Blonde Bombs” (what Uncle Stephen calls us) together, forget the simplest of things.

Chanel rushed off to the Inn, so I was left with this hefty task. Now, there was a set of two 18 egg cartons or a fridge box full of eggs. Suddenly a “good idea” popped into my head. I ran back to the room and grabbed my Nike sports backpack slingy thing. Ya know?

As I was pulling out the fridge box an egg cracked and went all over the shelf. Frustrated, I pulled the box out quickly and 2 other eggs cracked and went all about the box, making all the other eggs sticky with the nasty stuff inside eggs. I had to remove all the items from the shelf and all the eggs from the box.

I finally able to pack the eggs in the sports sling thing. I am placing each one with special care into the pack. Smiling to myself, almost singing, this is a good idea! Stephen suddenly walks in and looks at me like I’m supposed to be wearing a helmet.

“Um hold on, stay right there.” I put a smile on my face ready for my picture to be taken, because, once again…this is a good idea! He comes back into the kitchen with a closed pack of 5 dozen eggs. “Here, these are for the Inn.”

One by one I stacked the eggs back into the box. Though I wasted 15 minutes in this process, I still believe that my idea was by far the most creative.


One Response to “A “Yokey” Start”

  1. Jen howell June 26, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    Gross!!! Please tell me that all of that is NOT true!!!

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