Bigger Than a Movie

28 Jun

I’ve always wanted to be on the big screen. But after thinking about it, I’ve realized that there isn’t anything that I would trade for the past few years. My life has become bigger than any movie could capture. The stories are real, the memories are clear as day, and though the friendships will fade, I will always remember what happened.

The good memories, the bad memories, the funny times, the hard times, and the just plain weird times. I would never replace them, because this is the time I grew closer to my family. The move to Arkansas, that was ROUGH, actually brought out some good. Annie and I became the best of friends, talking about all the boys at the school (like there were many to talk about..), the Prom date with Dyllon Brownmiller, the Parker’s Chapel babe, which ended up being a date that I will forever remember. I think my favorite part of that date was calling mom, begging her to come pick me up, but she didn’t believe that he actually kinda left me.      My friendship with mom started to bloom. The bonding moments of cross country, like watching Coach Mark drive the bus into the bridge, watching the team grow, my “pre race grumpy” and watching Michaela run into garbage cans on the track. But I believe we truly grew to be the best of friends when we drove the similar road trips down Parkers Chapel Road, to drive by Tcam’s house. The trip home from Monroe, where we texted Tcam all the similar things he texted me, about scrapbooking, etc. Oh and the wonderful activities that we had as a stake, with the constant drama with the other young women, and the constant “fights” with Ernesto.

The move to Mandeville was my favorite by far. I met the weird, the weirder, and the most weird people working at the Bakery. I’m so thankful that was my first job. The fact that I drove all the seminary kids to school in Sharon and we would watch as the newest cars pulled away if we parked by them. The “Mormons” became a hit at Mandeville High. I was more than grateful for the opportunity to leave school at noon, so I didn’t have to sit through lunch and actually make friends. Elijiah Levee, reducing me to tears after he tortured me in English class everyday. My huge crush on the one and only Matt Stoltz. Runnin the town with crazy people. 2 A.M. runs to McDonalds with Annie. And becoming best friends with the 7th grader across the street. Dating Jordan, the buddhist with dreads. Homecoming with a fellow wardie. Young Womens…better yet the Stake Young Womens. Mardi Gras!

No movie could ever capture what I lived through. Though these people are not known around the world, I’m blessed to have ever met any of them. They definitely left with a footprint in my heart. Everything seemed so unpredictable.

That’s what life is. The unpredictable. That’s what my life was for 3 years and I’m so thankful for almost every second of it.


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