Raising Awareness of Ashley Herbert’s Sickness

28 Jun

For those of you who don’t know, Ashley is very sick. She suffers from the common sickness of being insecure, but unlike all the other female population, she makes it known to the nation.

Right now Ashley plays the character of a Bachelorette on ABC’s Bachelorette. I hate to ruin the surprise, but this show is not real. Ashley gets the pleasure of handsome men (not my type handsome, but ABC’s taste in men) compete against each other for Ashley’s heart. Now you have to have a lot of strategy to be on this season. First, you have to figure out how you can be loved by a gal, who’s heart is full of love for herself and about 1/12 for others. Second, you have to fall in love with a very insecure girl in about 3 months. Whoever told you that love is a marathon, it’s a lie. Love is really a sprint, and you’re more likely to find your soul mate on national television than on E-Harmony or Match.com. And forget old fashion love, love is just a game.

Now Ashley has had all sorts of “connections” with about everybody. The cowboy, Zorro, the bad boy, the dentist, cavemen, and I’m pretty sure with half the camera crew. But even though she has all these contestants, she still feels like they are on the show for a different reason, other than falling in love with her. Ok, let’s break down this for her, ok? There are about 20 guys, and one girl…I’m just gonna take a wild stab at this and say that they may possibly be there for the free alcohol and food, for a social that lasts for a good couple of months, or maybe possibly..maybe! to fall in love. Now a few men have said a few things like “she’s not even my type” or “I signed up for this hoping it would be Chantel or Emily, but I get here and it’s Ashley!” but that’s beyond the point. She sent both home, yet she is still thinking about what they said. And when she opens up to the guys about her dishonesty, they are hurt and upset. Can you believe that? How rude of them to actually be mad that she lied! Newsflash Ashley: You get upset if someone gives you a compliment in a weird tone.

At the end of the week, before the rose ceremony, Ashley pulls each guy aside and talks to them. She has them open up about their ideal girl, their feelings for her, and see if they are committed to her. She pulled Wes, a man whose wife died, and made sure that he was ready to move on. He said that for the first time since his wife had passed on, he was starting to have feelings for Ashley. You guessed it, she sent him home. Why? Because she “wasn’t sure if he was ready to move on.”

Ashley is a selfish girl, only leading a bunch of men on. Now I am pleading for their sake, that whoever ends up with her takes her to psychiatric. We tried contacting Dr. Phil, to set up an intervention, but even he said that she is beyond the point of return. She’s hit rock bottom and even the great man himself cannot help her.

So this is a shout out to anyone who is willing to help this girl. There will be fundraisers, a booth to write 25 things you admire about Ashley, and letters filled with ideas of how to be beautiful and get men to like you for your physical attributes such as; go blonde! workout more! get a new hairstyle! get a bear with a recording telling you how wonderful you are each morning!! Because remember Ashley, artificial love is the true love.


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