Another Chance at Happily Ever After

8 Jul

After the over dramatic, heartbreaking (not only for me but for the city of Mandeville), tear producing break up between me and Brian Kinch, I thought love wouldn’t phase me again. Who knew going into a sport store would make a life changing impact not only on my heart, but the bike man’s heart as well.

I was just browsing the bike outfits, not only because they are hot, but because it’s spandex, when I spotted a guy working on the bike. Of course I needed to find out if the man was good looking, so I stared until he turned his head  my way. Right when he looked, I swear I could see fireworks going off, we both looked away fast. So I needed another look, because I wasn’t sure if I could comprehend what I was seeing. So as I turned my head, he turned his, and I knew this was the start of something new.

I walked towards the front just to see if he would follow, because this would mean that we were obviously thinking the same thing. Sure enough 5 minutes later, he comes out of the bike repair shop room, and talks to his buddies at the check out counter for a good 2 minutes, because after 2 minutes I walk back towards the back. Thirty seconds later he asks me if I need anything, besides his name and number. Ok ok, he didn’t say the name and number part, but it was said in words unspoken. He asked how long I was in town for, of course I got the hint he wanted to “court” me. (Like date, duh.) I told him I was living here at the time. We were both stumbling over our words and acting like complete idiots, but the love was real.

I learned so much about him. He’s not from here, but he’s been sailing the Caribbean for the past few years. ….that’s all I learned.

After we got done talking I walked up front and decided I needed to buy a soccer ball. So to play hard to get I went and asked the 14 year old boy, that worked there, if he could get me a soccer ball down. Well it was too high for him as well. Even though mystery lover boy was helping some other group, asked what I needed and got it down for me. It was surely love.

I left the store with a sense of defeat. I didn’t get his name or his number, but I’m not giving up this early. There will certainly be a part two by next Tuesday. I’m not going to let my fairytale crumble before me. I cannot walk out on love. I need to move on from Brian Kinch, and start a new love.


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