Finding Your “Happy” in This World

23 Jul

With everything going on in this world, you need an escape. I’m not talking about taking a get away, but merely a small thing that brings a smile to your face. Once you smile, there is a chance to change your mood. And here is 101 things that can bring you happiness. Whether it’s for a split second of for a couple hours, the result will be the same. You will feel a sense of joy.

1. Eating ice cream

2. Eat a chocolate

3. Perfect a weird face

4. Eat some Sonic ice

5. Make a playlist

6. Surround yourself with family

7. Volunteer

8. Charity

9. Service

10. Play the guitar

11. Take some breath taking pictures

12. Create a collage

13. Make up a non funny joke

14. Go for a walk

15. Run

16. Dance

17. Laugh

18. Do something you never thought you had courage to do

19. Write a thank you

20. Email a grandparent

21. Work hard on a small project

22. Buy yourself a pair of shoes

23. Adopt a pet

24. Paint your nails

25. Swim

26. Go for a run

27. Write

28. Discover new music

29. Go to a beach

30. Babysit

31. Learn a new recipe

32. Rollerblade

33. Write a play with no plot

34. Start a blog

35. Drink some hot coco

36. Be slow to judge

37. Compliment others

38. Feed birds

39. Go to an art show

40. Ice skate

41. Go to the gym

42. D-date (Get some sun)

43. Go for a walk

44. Visit an elderly person

45. Create a new dessert

46. Plan a trip

47. Call someone who you haven’t talked to in a while

48. Write a song

49. Get a massage

50. Get a manicure

51. Get a pedicure

53. Go geocaching

54. Make a new friend

55. Buy a family member something nice

56. Create a design

57. Dartboard paint

58. Watch the whole Star Wars collection

59. Watch all the Harry Potter movies

60. Watch Lord of the Rings

61. Have a spa night

62. Write a play

63. Write a story

64. Record a family memory you want to remember forever

65. Go wakeboarding

66. Go tubbing

67. Sneak a bag full of mints from a nice hotel

68. Make a friendship bracelet

69. Go through a scrapbook

70. Go window shopping

71. Lay out under the stars

72. Read a good book

73. Write down a dream you will forever want to remember

74. Go boating

75. Go canoeing

76. Go kayaking

77. Go swimming

78. Go to the beach

79. Go for a walk in the park

80. Play the piano

81. Say Yes about everything for one day

82. Photoshop

83. Go ring shopping (but don’t buy any)

84. Plant a garden

85. Go for a motorcycle ride

86. Adopt a dog

87. Enter your dog into a dog show

88. Buy yourself roses

89. Go on a random road trip

90. Finish a puzzle

91. Body paint

92. Have a chocolate slippin’ slide

93. Write down a 5 year plan

94. Learn something new

95. Pick up a new language

96. Play an old game

97. Have a girls night

98. Love everything about life

99. Write a poem

100. Find love

101. Write your own philosophy


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