26 Aug

What’s a horse to do when it’s life has been spent in the place of a moving box or the back of the closet ? When an opportunity of a lifetime is put before this horse, I would not let it pass up such a thing. Even though he cannot eat, sleep, do the normal things (because he is fake) that doesn’t mean he can’t live life. This is when I decided that Stan33lee doesn’t belong inside, when we are currently living in Canyon, Texas. Where horses and cows make up over half the population.

We took Stann33lee to all the cool sites of Canyon. The WT campus, the beautiful high school, a power plant (that was ruthlessly dangerous) , and the neighbors to be pictured with the cows. But where’s a place that could beat such adventures ? Only the great Happy, Texas.

It was a 20 minute drive and Stann33lee was going crazy. He could hardly contain himself. The naying was getting a little ridiculous ! As soon as we hit town, we went over the railroad tracks and found the cutest “Stop” sign. Stann33lee begged for us to stop, in which we did so he could get a picture with it. (He’s a little on the odd side.) We then went back to the train tracks where he was held up to show that he, a horse, could cross the tracks himself. Last of all we needed a picture at the town sign. It read “Welcome to Happy ! The town without a frown.” I mean who wouldn’t want a picture at that kind of sign ?

After taking that picture, Stann33lee felt that he had finally lived. The refreshing air and the adrenaline rush of going on a road trip, without being in a box, almost brought tears not only to his eyes, but mine as well. That day I realized that he had grown a little taller. And I’m proud to call him my own. So here is to Stann33lee, thank you for showing me that the little things in life can impact your life and bring a little bit of happiness. It’s all about perspective. And I learned that from a little horse.


One Response to “Stann33lee”

  1. Dad August 26, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

    What do we do with Stan33lee now? Or did you sneak him into one of your suitcases?

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