The Sunset

14 Jan

The sunset isn’t the ending of a day…it’s a reminder of a new tomorrow. The things that have happened in that one day will forever last in the date and time, never to be removed. But what we learn from each day can be taken with us as we continually grow and mature. The choices that we make reflect who we are, and if we want to carry the greatest legacy, we have to be wise with each decision. The judgements of others may last for a day, a semester, a year, or forever, but we need to remember who the true judge of ourselves really is. That is you- yourself…


If college has taught me anything (which it has taught me a lot) the most important lesson I’ve learned is you can’t lower your standards and beliefs for one good night. You can’t leave a place with regrets of making one good choice. As tough/easy as it may sound, you have the ability and strength to be the person you want to be. No matter the talk or the degrading looks and words from others, you are the judge if you made the right decision. And if you didn’t, you are able to learn from that mistake and promise yourself never again. Never reflect on the bad, but look at the good and be proud of  yourself.


Being a girl is so much harder than being a boy. So boys, y’all have it easy! Girls have so much on their shoulders and sometimes they don’t know how to react to it. But girls- be proud of who you are. Don’t put yourself down if you feel like you are not good enough. Because truth is every single girl that I’ve met has the potential to be important people in this world. People shouldn’t define who you are, but YOU…you should define who you are and who you want to become. There are so many positive role models that are at our reach, we just have to seek after them and seek for the good. No matter what anyone says, don’t change yourself to please someone. Don’t ever feel like you were never good enough. Because if you were happy with those people, or with that person, that means that you were the best you that you could be. Remember if you were ever  hurt, and if you feel that hurt: it’s because you cared. The amount of hurt doesn’t reflect how much you cared for that person, it doesn’t do it justice. But it does show that you have a care for people, no matter their story.


Last is the most important. Happiness. It isn’t hard to find. It could be the little adventures of going to the local grocery store. It could be getting a special drink from Sonic that brings back childhood memories. It could be the simple joys of riding in a car feeling that there is nothing in life to fear. It could be the glimpse of the stars illuminating the sky late at night. The sight of the sun in a day of sadness and dreariness. And it could be the glimpse of the sunset. You are where you are because you chose to be there. You should find happiness and comfort in that. Never let the sadness and anger make you feel like you’re incapable of something. To be honest, nothing is out of reach for anyone.


Be the best you. Remember the sunset and the reminders it brings. Be happy.  : The simple keys to life are never hidden. They are accessible to you, use them the way you want to, and never forget the simple happiness. You have life at the palm of your hand.


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