Words From Yourself

15 Jan

Sometimes as I sit in class, at home, at the store, pretty much anywhere…I get an impression to write. Though it may not make sense at the time, I find that it will help you later in your life. Over Christmas break I remembered that I used to write encouraging notes in my brother’s Ipod. Not thinking anything of it, or writing it for anyone in particular, I wanted those words back so they could encourage me while I’m at school. I went to retrieve them, but they were gone. Apparently Alec had to reboot his Ipod and lost the previous notes. I was kinda bummed, because those encouraging words would be gone.


While sitting in sacrament meeting I received a text from Annie. It read as follows

“April 17th, 2011 on Alec’s Ipod”

“You don’t need to change yourself for someone else. Be the person you want to be and who you long to be. When you fall in love with someone it will feel right and with the right person. Not with someone that degrades you and puts you down constantly. You are too good for anybody who thinks they can write your story; including your dreams, goals, and future. You are your own director and writer. You are our own dreamer and achiever. Don’t tie yourself down to anyone. Be you! There will be the people who come through and leave just as fast as they came. Don’t let it phase you, there will be better. Life is already unfair, so don’t become unfair to yourself. Live to be the best you. Love yourself for who you are and what you stand for.”

-Lexi Renae Howell

I don’t recall why I wrote those words but it’s interesting when they pop up conveniently. I don’t know how that note saved, but I’m so grateful that it did. Sometimes the things you need to hear can’t come from anyone else, but yourself.



One Response to “Words From Yourself”

  1. Jessica Skinner January 15, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

    Lexi, this is amazing! I love it! Your such a good writer!

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