Crazy Love Story

28 Jan

After my love life not working out, I’ve decided to help out my friends. Good idea? Maybe not this time…

I met *Jack* at a dance one weekend, and he was so charming. He knew how to be sweet and genuine, yet still act like a tough guy  which was totally hott! He was from a city two hours away, yet the very next day he made it to College town to visit me. I thought for sure he was going to be a keeper. I was so excited! Until I actually went out with him. We went to the Canyon and all he wanted to do was kiss. He was all about the physical attraction and himself. It was disturbing and a total turn off. Once I was back at my apartments he got out and started swing dancing with me so every girl could see how charming he was. My emotions were a bit confused for a second and then I reminded myself of the awful time I had to endure with him. I told myself this was the last time I was going to see him.

Two weeks later…I get a call at 5 in the afternoon. He is on his way down to see me. What?!

Thank goodness I was sick this weekend and Kate was willing to hang out with the both of us in the lobby. He put his arm around me but talked about how disgusting it was that I had cold sores and refused any physical contact (#winning). Of course he was talking about himself, but he mentioned he was into Australians. I texted my dear innocent friend, Alice (who has the most amazing FAKE Australian accent) to come talk to him. He was stuttering and loosing his words every time Alice would say something. It was hilarious, yet adorable at the same time. Finally he said “I…i…i…I gosh, I just can’t help myself. Do you want to go out later tonight when my buddy gets off work?” Alice said “Yea! (In an australian accent).

So later that night they went out on a date. She had to fake an accent the whole time, but it’s easy for her to do it without thinking. She did talk in her normal voice, being herself for a second, and *Jack* and his friend did say “That’s pretty good, but you should stick with the accent.” Hahaha!! She had a lot of fun with him and his friends. They did kiss and flirt a whole bunch. He even asked her if he transfered to our school if she would date him!! He asked her to go to breakfast the next morning…things seem to be moving fast.  We will see where this leads…

I’ll keep you updated, but I think this has to be my favorite love story !!


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