My Teenage Dream

31 Jan

Most all girls’ dream is to be noticed by Prince Charming and to live a happily ever after. I agree with that dream. I want that for myself, but that is looking too far into the future. My teenage dream is to be noticed by a hipster…is that too mainstream?

I don’t know how to explain this weird obsession or dream of mine, but the whole attitude that these kids carry just makes them so adorable. The boys walk with so much confidence, it should be a turn off, but it has the opposite effect. You can’t help yourself. You literally just stop and stare (don’t mind the drool) and you think to yourself “where do these guys come from?” It’s like they are literally just off the rocks. They wear the most ridiculous clothes and they don’t follow the social norm. But I think that’s where they have me hooked. They are ok with their differences and they make it look like it’s ok, but only they can pull it off. I refuse to let myself fall into the “Hipster attire” because it will only turn out to be a train wreck. They make life look so intriguing and so fun! They don’t even have to be doing anything except be in a picture and you find yourself wishing that you could just be there with them.

When we see them at the local dance parties they are literally off in their own world. I don’t even think they are even aware of where they are. But that’s just it. How could they be in a room FULL of people yet still keep to themselves and not even notice who is around them?! Kate and I danced by one for at least twenty minutes. We didn’t even get an acknowledgement even though we were face to face, starring deep into his eyes. How is that possible?! We will never know…but it’s amazing!

The best time of the day is dinner time. We will sit at our table for at least an hour and just watch how the hipsters interact with one another and the normal people. They usually don’t interact with the normal people, but when they interact with another hipster it is the cutest thing! They walk together in a pack and never leave each other’s side unless it is to fill up their glass. They dare to do things out of the norm and that’s what makes them who they are. It makes them clever and interesting. No one judges them because that’s who they are. They are the one group that can never be judged because whatever action they do won’t be normal. They make the little things in life enticing and exciting. They spunk up their own lives in the weirdest yet most attractive ways.

I won’t be at peace until I get my one on one time for a few seconds with one of the hipsters. A girl can dream, can’t she?


2 Responses to “My Teenage Dream”

  1. J Walters February 2, 2012 at 8:55 am #

    listen, i am not going to bash on your dream cause that is cool and whatever it’s your thing.

    BUT I am not completely sold on this whole hipster movement thing. It seems as though in this day and age anybody who is lucky enough to find an old sweater in their grandpa’s closet and manages to swipe some songs off of their friend’s itunes is labeled as a hipster. And there is nothing wrong with that because in some peoples eyes that is all it takes to qualify as such. All I am saying is be wary of phonies because there are plenty of them, especially at BYU. I would also make the argument that the only people who really don’t give a crap are the dweebs who leave their rooms everyday in New Balance sneakers and Aeropastale sweaters, because honestly, no thought went into that outfit.

    Also, hipster is not the antithesis of mainstream. There is no mainstream because if you really think about it, Hipsterdom is just as big of a fad as whatever you consider “mainstream” to be. Mainstream cannot be defined, therefore there can not be a perfect opposite.

    But it is cool that you are attracted to guys who wear cool clothes, listen to good music, and give the appearance of not caring about what society might think of them. Hit me up.

    also follow my blog.

    I refuse to apologize or even entertain the idea that this comment is creepy. cause it is not. the world has turned any sort of human interaction that wasn’t necessarily planned or expected as creepy. It is a shame really, i feel like a lot of good conversations are missed that way.

  2. Brooke Elyse February 8, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    hahaha I LOVE this.
    I hope you get recognized by a hipster.
    I love you Lexi Lou!

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