8 Mar

One day I needed to find the Accessibility Learning Center room. All I knew was that I was going to take a test on testing anxiety and it was found in the Disability Room. I was completely clueless as to where this place could be located. So I decided I would go to the front desk of the building and ask the front desk receptionist where this room could be located. As I walked up, I thought of the question I was going to ask and I felt very confident in the wording.

“Hi, I’m trying to find the Disability room.”

The receptionist gives me a weird look..so I ask again.

“Ya, I know, all I know is that I’m supposed to go take a test in the Disability Room.”

She replies, “Oh ok! I know where that is. You’re going to go to the Cafeteria and go behind Subway. Behind there you will find a hallway. Walk down that until you get the first hallway on your right. You will go to the end of that hallway and it will will be the last door on your left.”

I do exactly as she says and when I round the corner I find myself looking at the “Disability Restroom”

Thank you for sending me to the disability restroom, that’s exactly what I needed. (:


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