Tell Me Don’t Give UP. Tell Me There’s Someone Out There.

2 Apr

This semester is almost over and it has flown by so fast! Though I won’t complain about last semester, this semester was by far my most favorite. I met so many interesting and fun people! The list could go on and on. But what makes each of these people important, is the effect that they have had in my life. Whether it’s a small life lesson, a crush, someone I’m interested in, or just new friends, they have given me so many great memories.

The way that they have been such a blessing in my life is different than those that I have met while moving. When I was moving, while growing up, it was important to make friends. They kept me happy, and I depended a lot on them. They made each move a little easier. And then once I moved, I didn’t really keep in contact with them. I was okay with that, because I knew I would make new friends wherever I moved. I liked to think of them as “temporary friends” and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that in any way. As much as I wanted to live the typical high school life that I saw on t.v., I knew that it wasn’t possible, and after a lot of inner conflict with myself about it, I finally accepted it. Now the people that I have met here in college… I feel as if I’ve known some of them my whole life. They are so important to me and I’m thankful for every one of them.

I’ve learned that I can’t depend on them for my own happiness, I have to find that within myself. And I feel like I’ve accomplished that. I haven’t been this happy in almost a year. I had to let my walls down with some and force myself to relax, and once I did, those happened to be one of the most memorable. So many people have brought me happiness as well, and I feel like I owe them something that is as special to them as they are to me. I’ve realized the importance of friendships and going through the motions.

I have fallen in love with life and it’s the greatest feeling one could have. Everything that goes on is just so miraculous and beautiful. Everyone has their story and they experience a whole different life than you and I do. That’s what’s so neat. And for one to share their story and become a part of my life, is honestly the greatest honor.



2 Responses to “Tell Me Don’t Give UP. Tell Me There’s Someone Out There.”

  1. lifecoachmarie April 2, 2012 at 11:28 pm #

    Good for you! If you really found your passion, and figured out how to make yourself happy. Isn’t it amazing what happens when we find our purpose? I read about that a lot with such an important part of getting empowered.

  2. lifecoachmarie April 2, 2012 at 11:28 pm #

    Sorry, meant to say “It sounds like you found your passion” Oops! Voice recognition whoopsie.

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