Give a Little

24 Apr

I’ve left college to come home. One of the saddest weeks I’ve experienced! I keep reliving the last days and thinking I took those for granted. I’ve met the greatest people, and every single one of them has changed my life. I’m not kidding. Who knew there were so many great people! Especially at the immature ages of 19 and 20. But they all know that I love them, and if they don’t…well now you do 🙂 Now I’m home to find more people to love and start friendships with.

Today I spent all day with Meredith. She’s one of the most energized and talkative people I’ve met! Never a dull moment. As we went to the coffee shop to get our sandwiches, she supported me as I looked ridiculous because I had no idea what the cashier said. Aside from his accent, he mumbled a little too much…Meredith didn’t translate for me, she laughed at me. That’s what a true friend is for. She then sat on my bed as I unpacked for a good 3 hours, telling me all about her men. She’s quite popular with the boys, and she knows how to keep them on their feet. (I’m taking notes). Afterwards we drove Annie to ballet, driving Annie crazy, because at this point we were both hyper and we wouldn’t shut up. The drive home we tried listening to some rap, which the rap Texas plays is totally different than regular rap, and we decided we were the whitest girls. As we went to pick Annie up, we decided to call the radio station and request only the greatest song “Call Me Maybe”…and they answered! Meredith had a great 3 minute conversation with the dj and that was it. 5 minutes later they played the conversation on the radio. We were freaking out…it was so great! Ah how the little things excite us so much!

Tomorrow I have a job interview or two and then it’s back to play date with Meredith. We are such great friends already, but she’s leaving me in 2 weeks to go to Provo. So here is my plea. My plea for her to stay until August. Even though I know there is no possibility, it’s worth a shot.

This summer isn’t going to suck. It’s going to be great, but you have to find those people in your life to get you through it. It’s ok to be dependent on others in times like these. When you’re away from your best friends, you can make new friends, but no one can replace another. It makes your heart grow a little more with each person introduced into your life. And I’m just now realizing this after plenty of moves. It doesn’t get easier, but it’s worth the awkwardness and the timid times. Sooner or later you’ll have new friends that can handle that weird quirkiness.



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